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bug - large 11m57s wmv created from 4m3s mp3


A large 11m57s wmv was created by uMusic from a 4m3s mp3. The wmv file's initial 4m3s were the correct audio from the mp3; the remainder from 4m4s to 11m57s was "blank dead silent space". My source mp3 was 278 VBR kbps.
I feel uMusic shoud
1 fix this bug such that the output file is 4m3s, not 11m57s
2 If #1 is not possible, provide a means within uMusic, or by identifying another freeware, to select a "start" of 0m0s & "end" of 4m3s to "cut & paste" an appropriate .wmv from the source unnecessarily large 11m57s .wmv
Interestingly, I tried the following test which seems to work as an "OK workaround", although inferior to #1 or #2 above:
3 use winLAME to modify my source 278 VBR kbps mp3 into a 128 CBR mp3, ignoring winLAME'S warning about creating a "lossy file from a lossy file"
4 running resultant 128 CBR mp3 in uMusic
RESULT a 4m2s wmv file, which is largely a good transform. It appears to cut off the 1-2 seconds from both the beginning & end of the 128 CBR mp3 source file