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uMusic News

An issue has been discovered which leads to videos being output with excess length. This is due to using a CBR(Constant Bit Rate) encoded mp3. It is solved by using mp3's encoded using VBR(Variable Bit Rate). Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for all the donations, keep em coming!


The project has been around for little over a year and with nearly 22 thousand downloads, appears to have been a success. I would like to personally thank all 16 donations, a few more wouldn't hurt though. Thanks for the support and here are some videos that have been uploaded to youtube:

  • Version 0.3 Released
    • Slideshow Support Added
    • Rolling Preview Added

  • Version 0.2 Released
    • Rapidshare support added
    • Drag and Drop support added
    • Sorted Youtube Upload out.

Version 0.1 Released - Comments from more experienced programmers welcome.

uMusic Todo

  • Add more file hosting and video hosting sites.
  • Compile x64 installer, splicer library is x64 Compatible
  • Any fixes that occur

uMusic About

I wanted to quickly upload a song onto youtube. As youtube only contains videos, I had to make a video in Windows Movie Maker of my Song and a Picture as the filler.
This is all well and good but it did take me a little while. I thought, there are so many people doing the same thing, I would write a program for it. I have done and this is the result.

Outputted video in 232Kpb/s and Audio into 192Kbp/s in WMV format.

uMusic Screenshot


uMusic Quick Guide

  1. Click browse to look for an mp3
    1. Tip Click and drag an mp3 file into the text box
  2. Click browse to look for jpg(s)
    1. Tip Click and drag one or multiple pictures to the text box
  3. Click on Create Video
    1. Choose a target folder and filename
    2. Please be patient, may take up to 10 minutes to encode video of 3 minutes long
  4. Click on Upload Video
    1. Choose which service you wish to upload too
    2. Complete Form and Click Upload
    3. Please be patient the application will notify you when the uploading has completed

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